Vitoria Espirito Santo: This Place Is Sure To Inspire And Make You Come Back For More

Vitoria, the capital city of Espirito Santo state in southeast Brazil is mainly known for its sandy beaches like Camburi and Curva da Jurema. The city also features the 20th-century Metropolitan cathedral showing the windows that are made of stained glasses.

Providing a lot of attractions at sight, long romantic walks along the beach, a ride through the beach on a bike or the local delicacies are the most famous among the visitors of the place. The Canto is a beach perfect for long walks and hosts a special competition every year. It reminds me of Clearwater beach back in Florida where my friend Luke lives.  He runs HempLife Today and took us to a beach that was just like The Cando.  The beach is a perfect spot for swimming or relaxation and provides the best place to sight a sunset or a sunrise.

The Metropolitan Cathedral located on the district Alta is quite famous owing to its stained-glass windows interior and chapel that houses the different bishop tombs. We sw the Vale Museum showcases a 330-foot long model train line and is located in the city’s ancient station for trains. These train models are projected showing their track paths through the mountain regions jungles. Lastly, we visited the most famous attraction of the place that cannot be missed out is a Chocolate factory that was started in 1929.  A tour around the factory tells you how different chocolates are made and manufactured. You can also taste them for free.

According to us, this place is best to visit during the summer months of the year. Although this region of the country does not see the extreme winters during that time, summers are still the peak time for all tourists. Make sure that you come here for at least a week and try to move around the city by foot because that will enable a more personalized experience and connect. Also, this city is easily accessible from all the major domestic centers of the country.

Verona: Have a Fun Trip with Your Family

Nestled in northern Italy is the pretty little town of Verona. It might not be as popular as Milan or Venice, but it is a great place to spend time with your family. The spectacular architecture and the temperate weather will make it a pleasant stay. Tourists are attracted to this town because of the rich history and attractive architecture. If you are planning to visit Verona, check out the places you can visit.

Arena Di Verona

Just like the Colosseum in Rome, Verona has the Arena di, Verona. It has been preserved well and is truly a wonder. However, many people are not aware of this landmark. It is at the heart of the town center. I came to learn that different games and shows used to be organized here. It is said that it can hold about 30,000 spectators. Walking inside the Arena, I was surprised by the architecture.

Castle Vecchio

This castle sits on River Adige. It has been standing since 1354. Scaliger dynasty was behind the construction of this structure and used to serve as the city’s main mode of defense. I found a museum inside the castle. There are a plethora of artifacts that are on display. I went over to the bridge which is linked to the main complex and I have to say that the view from here is just spectacular.

Piazza Delle Erbe

There are many charming squares in the town. However, the most lively and popular one is the Piazza Delle Erbe. It located at the center of the town’s historic center. A visit to this place will tell you that this is the primary point of activity. I was amazed by the building facades, architecture, and the character of this area.

Guilin – A City Of Natural Wonders

Guilin is a prefectural city located in the Guangxi region of China. Situated on the banks of the famed Li River, the city is known for its forest of “sweet osmanthus” trees and karst topography. There are many hills in the city that attract tourists from all over Asia. This includes the Fubo Hill and the famous Elephant Trunk Hill. Our journey to Guilin was an adventure-packed experience and here I would like to mention some of the best sites in the city.


  • Jingjiang Princes’ Palace


Jingjiang Princes’ Palace is a historical site which is also known as the Princes’ City. It is one of the finest tourist attractions in Guilin. The 14th-century palace is now converted into a university that welcomes thousands of visitors every year. The palace and its premises occupy around 19.7 hectares. The famous Solitary Beauty Peak that offers a stunning view of the entire city is the major attraction of the place. Other notable attractions include the Peace Grotto, Confucius Temple, and Study Cave that preserves 800 years old cliff engravings.


  • Elephant Trunk Hill


Elephant Trunk Hill is the most-visited place in Guilin. The base of the hill has a round cave that makes the hill look like a giant elephant drinking water with its trunk. The strange cave is also known as the Water Moon Cave. The reflection of the moon cast through the cave’s opening is quite mesmerizing and creates an illusion of the moon floating over the waters.

  • Reed Flute Cave

The limestone cave is a natural rock formation which is believed to be 180 million years old. The cave was discovered around 1200 years back and has over 70 inscriptions that belong to the 8th-century Tang Dynasty. The reed plants that cover the cave’s surface were used for making flutes and thus the cave was named as Reed Flute Cave. Here you can also see lots of stalagmites and stalactites that are spectacularly illuminated by artificial lights.

Foshan: Get An Idea About The Fun Things You Can Do

On my last tour to China, I planned to visit the offbeat place, Foshan. The city is steeped with Chinese tradition and culture. No doubt, it offers a unique experience to all travelers. My search for something new brought me to this place. If you are visiting the place anytime soon, check out the fun things you can do during your tour.

  • Enter the Dragon

This city is the most important place when it comes to Kung Fu. It is not unknown that Foshan is the ancestral home of Bruce Lee. There is a Bruce Lee Paradise Theme Park which 3000 acres big. It has been made for celebrating the kung-fu legend. The park has the largest Lee statue in the world along with a museum commemorating the star.

  • Visit Liang’s Garden

It is one of the most famous gardens that you will come across in Foshan.  It is surrounded by all traditional buildings. The garden had been developed by Qing Dynasty in the year 1796 which lasted for forty years. There are certain specialties of this garden, one being the fact that this building still stands tall for hundred years. The garden is an outstanding display of how China has managed to preserve the economic, cultural, and technological developments of the country.

  • Make a Temple Run

This is the primary tourist attraction of the city. Foshan Ancestral Temple will give you the opportunity to get an idea about Foshan folk culture. Look up and check out the ceiling of the temple and you will find a cultural and creative force of China. The landmark had been constructed in the 2ns half of the eleventh century. It is known to be one of the oldest temples that you will find in Foshan.

  • Flower Power

Don’t forget to visit Shunde’s Flower World. It will spellbind you in more than one way. The place is a home to six hundred flower manufacturers. It also showcases various aspects of horticulture.

Dongguan – An Enchanting Chinese City

Dongguan is a prefectural city located in the Guangdong Province of China. Situated on the banks of the Pearl River, the city has some beautiful gardens, parks, and resorts. The place is also known for its historic sites and museums. Its vibrant and colorful urban streets and shopping centers are quite famous among foreign tourists. Our weeklong stay in Dongguan was a truly memorable experience. Mentioned below are the highlights of the outings during our stay in the city.


  • Qifeng Park


Qifeng Park is a beautiful destination in the city that serves as a perfect place to relax while enjoying the scenic beauty of its natural surroundings. The place has beautiful ponds with wooden bridges and several walking trails flanked with lush green foliage and large trees. There are beautiful patios and benches all over the place. We spent several hours touring the entire area and the experience was quite rejuvenating.


  • National Forest Park of Mount Guanyin


If you are in Dongguan you should defiantly visit the National Forest Park of Mount Guanyin. The mountainous parkland lies at a height of 488 meters and is a perfect illustration of ecological sightseeing and cultural tourism. Some of the top attractions of Mount Guanyin are the Statue of Saint Guanyin, Guanyin Temple, Hall of Three Saints, Xiangong Peak, Museum of Ancient Trees, Yixin Pavilion, Xianquan Natatorium, Pudu Creek, Ciyun Pavilion, and The Thanksgiving Lake.


  • Shuilianshan Forest Park


If you are looking for a serene getaway with some beautiful views, you should definitely visit the Shuilianshan Forest Park. The place offers some amazing lakeside locations for daylong picnicking. There are many hiking and trekking trails in the area that offer amazing views of the hilly terrain. The place also houses a small amusement park, a butterfly farm, and a bird park. There is also a beautiful waterfall that attracts many tourists.

Braga – The Religious City, But Have Ample Beauty

Every country in Europe holds some specialty, and the specialty of Braga is its religious tilt. The city is also called as religious heritage. The city has lots of churches, chapels and some of them are the oldest.

However, my interest to be in the city was to explore its natural beauty, little less interested in the religious part. So, what I find exciting and in the city were:

  • Penede-Geres National Park

The national park is the most attractive spot to visit in Braga other than Bom Jesus do Monte the beautiful church. The park has golden eagles, which you must have seen in movies. Other than this, the park has a huge population of wolf and deer. You can spend a whole day here doing and finding something new and exciting.

  • Garden of Santa Barbara

This is the Mughal garden and it is alongside the palace of Archbishop’s Braga. The beauty of this garden is magnificent. It consists of geometric design made from boxwood and has been decorated with topiaries of cedar.

  • Raio Palace

This palace and has an historical importance. This palace has the construction that reflects the late Baroque and beginning of Rococo style.  The beauty of this palace is outstanding and while, having a look at its beauty, you also get to know a lot about the history of the Braga.

  • São Martinho De Tibães Monastery

The monastery is in the Mire De Tibães. This is Benedictine order motherhouse in Brazil and Portugal. This is popular for its high-spirited Rococo decoration.

The other important spots that I visited and I liked most are Sameiro sanctuary, Braga City hall, Parquet Da Ponte. I also loved the food here, I was superb in taste and flavors were really fresh and sizzling.

Beja – A Tranquil Heritage City

Beja is a city in Portugal located in the Alentejo region. It is a suitable holiday destination for those who prefer a calm city life. Located in a hilly region, Beja was founded and inhabited by different ethnic groups since the Celtic times.  During the Roman era, the place was named by Julius Caesar as Pax Julia. Owing to its strong historic affiliation, the city is popular among travelers who seek to explore historic places and monuments. My weekend in the city was mainly spent on visiting some old museums, churches, and a hilltop castle. Read on for more details on my short trip to Beja.

  • Castelo De Beja

The entry was free and we toured the entire castle, which mainly comprises the tower, battlement, and the fort walls. The views from the castle were great and the place was quite windy. The history of the place was indeed interesting. The construction of the hilltop castle was started in the 13th century, but it was left incomplete. Until the 18th century, several rulers took up the task of building different parts of the fortress.

  • Museu Regional De Beja (Beja Regional Museum)

The museum building was originally a convent which was built in the year 1495. This was the convent where the famed nun Mariana Alcoforado had lived. The place houses a beautiful old church designed in baroque style. The museum displays medieval artworks from Roman times. Lots of beautiful paintings, statues, sculptures, and mosaic works are exhibited here. The best part is that the place welcomes the visitors for free.

  • Igreja De Santo Amaro

Founded in 900s, the ancient church has now been kept as a specialty museum. It is considered as another branch of the Beja Regional Museum and houses a fine collection of pre-Romanesque artworks. The architectural remnants exhibited in the museum relate to the influence of early Christianity and other cultures that reined among the inhabitants of this ancient town.

Aveiro Municipality – An Amazing Tourist Destination

Aveiro is a city located in the central region of Portugal. With a total area of 76.29 sq mile, the city has been designated as a Municipality. The presence of several historical monuments and medieval structures attracts lots of tourists to this beautiful place. The Aveiro River that runs along the city, facilities a wide range of activities like boat tours and fishing. I had a great time with my family in Aveiro and some of the places worth mentioning are as follows:

Museu De Aveiro

To enjoy the rich heritage of Aveiro you must definitely visit Museu de Aveiro (Museum of Aveiro). The museum is a part of a 15th century convent known as the “old Convent of Jesus”. Eventually, the convent became popular for being the residence of Princess Saint Joana. The highlight of the place is “the Church of Jesus” which is known for its baroque artwork, hand-painted tiles, and golden woodwork. My visit to the museum was a beautiful spiritual experience and I would definitely recommend this place.

Parque Infante D. Pedro

Parque Infante D. Pedro is a beautiful park in Aveiro that houses an amazing art nouveau bandstand. The gardens and pathways are adorned with beautiful shrubs and flowering plants. There are small ponds with bridges across that add life to the whole background. There are picnic tables at different spots within the park so that tourists can relax and have a great outing with family and friends.

Forum Aveiro

If you are in Aveiro, make sure that you visit the Forum Aveiro. It is a mall that has a huge shopping area outside the mall building. It is like a shopping street where people can enjoy the views while browsing the stores. The place has a theatre, a rooftop garden, and a great food court. There is so much to see, learn, and buy at this amazing place that it can keep you engaged for hours.

This Central England City Is Worth A Hundred Visits

Wolverhampton, a city in central England, is famous for many things such as; art galleries, Indian as well as British cuisine, parks, and bars. Though it hasn’t been a huge tourist attraction, it definitely has quite some surprises for you. 

Places to visit

Bantok Museum all about the life in the Edward Era, that is set up in the huge parkland that spans 43 acres. The house is known for its décor and finery in glasses. The arts and craftsmanship of the house are the result of the Art and Craft Movement. A lot of fun activities happen here for all age groups and entry is free. They also have a cafe with homemade ice cream and food. 

Northycote Farm and Country Park has a lot of Picnic places with facilities for baby changing. The park also offers a splendid walking space with a few ice cream and beverage shops. It’s not open every day so check before heading. Also, the entry is free, but on occasions like Halloween and Christmas, they charge a small amount. 

The Art Gallery in Wolverhampton has a nice collection of Georgian arts, but that’s not all. It also has a nice cafe which sells bacons and cakes. 

Pubs and hotels

There are a lot of Indian Restaurants situated in the center of the city. If you haven’t tasted their food, you’d visit isn’t complete. Try out the Tandoori from the award-winning; Bilash Tandoori in Cheapside, beef chilly fry from The Ship and Italian cuisine from Bella at the Chapel Ash. The Cowshed is another great local hotel. 

Are you in a mood to taste some real Ale? Go straight to Vine Inn or Combermere Arms to taste some fine collection of Ale.

If you are a fan of bars and pubs then you need to see Lichfield Street and Queen Street. The nightlife, with its live music and bars, will set you on edge. 


  • Claredon
  • Bull Hotel
  • The Lancaster