Aveiro Municipality – An Amazing Tourist Destination

Aveiro is a city located in the central region of Portugal. With a total area of 76.29 sq mile, the city has been designated as a Municipality. The presence of several historical monuments and medieval structures attracts lots of tourists to this beautiful place. The Aveiro River that runs along the city, facilities a wide range of activities like boat tours and fishing. I had a great time with my family in Aveiro and some of the places worth mentioning are as follows:

Museu De Aveiro

To enjoy the rich heritage of Aveiro you must definitely visit Museu de Aveiro (Museum of Aveiro). The museum is a part of a 15th century convent known as the “old Convent of Jesus”. Eventually, the convent became popular for being the residence of Princess Saint Joana. The highlight of the place is “the Church of Jesus” which is known for its baroque artwork, hand-painted tiles, and golden woodwork. My visit to the museum was a beautiful spiritual experience and I would definitely recommend this place.

Parque Infante D. Pedro

Parque Infante D. Pedro is a beautiful park in Aveiro that houses an amazing art nouveau bandstand. The gardens and pathways are adorned with beautiful shrubs and flowering plants. There are small ponds with bridges across that add life to the whole background. There are picnic tables at different spots within the park so that tourists can relax and have a great outing with family and friends.

Forum Aveiro

If you are in Aveiro, make sure that you visit the Forum Aveiro. It is a mall that has a huge shopping area outside the mall building. It is like a shopping street where people can enjoy the views while browsing the stores. The place has a theatre, a rooftop garden, and a great food court. There is so much to see, learn, and buy at this amazing place that it can keep you engaged for hours.