Beja – A Tranquil Heritage City

Beja is a city in Portugal located in the Alentejo region. It is a suitable holiday destination for those who prefer a calm city life. Located in a hilly region, Beja was founded and inhabited by different ethnic groups since the Celtic times.  During the Roman era, the place was named by Julius Caesar as Pax Julia. Owing to its strong historic affiliation, the city is popular among travelers who seek to explore historic places and monuments. My weekend in the city was mainly spent on visiting some old museums, churches, and a hilltop castle. Read on for more details on my short trip to Beja.

  • Castelo De Beja

The entry was free and we toured the entire castle, which mainly comprises the tower, battlement, and the fort walls. The views from the castle were great and the place was quite windy. The history of the place was indeed interesting. The construction of the hilltop castle was started in the 13th century, but it was left incomplete. Until the 18th century, several rulers took up the task of building different parts of the fortress.

  • Museu Regional De Beja (Beja Regional Museum)

The museum building was originally a convent which was built in the year 1495. This was the convent where the famed nun Mariana Alcoforado had lived. The place houses a beautiful old church designed in baroque style. The museum displays medieval artworks from Roman times. Lots of beautiful paintings, statues, sculptures, and mosaic works are exhibited here. The best part is that the place welcomes the visitors for free.

  • Igreja De Santo Amaro

Founded in 900s, the ancient church has now been kept as a specialty museum. It is considered as another branch of the Beja Regional Museum and houses a fine collection of pre-Romanesque artworks. The architectural remnants exhibited in the museum relate to the influence of early Christianity and other cultures that reined among the inhabitants of this ancient town.