Braga – The Religious City, But Have Ample Beauty

Every country in Europe holds some specialty, and the specialty of Braga is its religious tilt. The city is also called as religious heritage. The city has lots of churches, chapels and some of them are the oldest.

However, my interest to be in the city was to explore its natural beauty, little less interested in the religious part. So, what I find exciting and in the city were:

  • Penede-Geres National Park

The national park is the most attractive spot to visit in Braga other than Bom Jesus do Monte the beautiful church. The park has golden eagles, which you must have seen in movies. Other than this, the park has a huge population of wolf and deer. You can spend a whole day here doing and finding something new and exciting.

  • Garden of Santa Barbara

This is the Mughal garden and it is alongside the palace of Archbishop’s Braga. The beauty of this garden is magnificent. It consists of geometric design made from boxwood and has been decorated with topiaries of cedar.

  • Raio Palace

This palace and has an historical importance. This palace has the construction that reflects the late Baroque and beginning of Rococo style.  The beauty of this palace is outstanding and while, having a look at its beauty, you also get to know a lot about the history of the Braga.

  • São Martinho De Tibães Monastery

The monastery is in the Mire De Tibães. This is Benedictine order motherhouse in Brazil and Portugal. This is popular for its high-spirited Rococo decoration.

The other important spots that I visited and I liked most are Sameiro sanctuary, Braga City hall, Parquet Da Ponte. I also loved the food here, I was superb in taste and flavors were really fresh and sizzling.