Dongguan – An Enchanting Chinese City

Dongguan is a prefectural city located in the Guangdong Province of China. Situated on the banks of the Pearl River, the city has some beautiful gardens, parks, and resorts. The place is also known for its historic sites and museums. Its vibrant and colorful urban streets and shopping centers are quite famous among foreign tourists. Our weeklong stay in Dongguan was a truly memorable experience. Mentioned below are the highlights of the outings during our stay in the city.


  • Qifeng Park


Qifeng Park is a beautiful destination in the city that serves as a perfect place to relax while enjoying the scenic beauty of its natural surroundings. The place has beautiful ponds with wooden bridges and several walking trails flanked with lush green foliage and large trees. There are beautiful patios and benches all over the place. We spent several hours touring the entire area and the experience was quite rejuvenating.


  • National Forest Park of Mount Guanyin


If you are in Dongguan you should defiantly visit the National Forest Park of Mount Guanyin. The mountainous parkland lies at a height of 488 meters and is a perfect illustration of ecological sightseeing and cultural tourism. Some of the top attractions of Mount Guanyin are the Statue of Saint Guanyin, Guanyin Temple, Hall of Three Saints, Xiangong Peak, Museum of Ancient Trees, Yixin Pavilion, Xianquan Natatorium, Pudu Creek, Ciyun Pavilion, and The Thanksgiving Lake.


  • Shuilianshan Forest Park


If you are looking for a serene getaway with some beautiful views, you should definitely visit the Shuilianshan Forest Park. The place offers some amazing lakeside locations for daylong picnicking. There are many hiking and trekking trails in the area that offer amazing views of the hilly terrain. The place also houses a small amusement park, a butterfly farm, and a bird park. There is also a beautiful waterfall that attracts many tourists.