Foshan: Get An Idea About The Fun Things You Can Do

On my last tour to China, I planned to visit the offbeat place, Foshan. The city is steeped with Chinese tradition and culture. No doubt, it offers a unique experience to all travelers. My search for something new brought me to this place. If you are visiting the place anytime soon, check out the fun things you can do during your tour.

  • Enter the Dragon

This city is the most important place when it comes to Kung Fu. It is not unknown that Foshan is the ancestral home of Bruce Lee. There is a Bruce Lee Paradise Theme Park which 3000 acres big. It has been made for celebrating the kung-fu legend. The park has the largest Lee statue in the world along with a museum commemorating the star.

  • Visit Liang’s Garden

It is one of the most famous gardens that you will come across in Foshan.  It is surrounded by all traditional buildings. The garden had been developed by Qing Dynasty in the year 1796 which lasted for forty years. There are certain specialties of this garden, one being the fact that this building still stands tall for hundred years. The garden is an outstanding display of how China has managed to preserve the economic, cultural, and technological developments of the country.

  • Make a Temple Run

This is the primary tourist attraction of the city. Foshan Ancestral Temple will give you the opportunity to get an idea about Foshan folk culture. Look up and check out the ceiling of the temple and you will find a cultural and creative force of China. The landmark had been constructed in the 2ns half of the eleventh century. It is known to be one of the oldest temples that you will find in Foshan.

  • Flower Power

Don’t forget to visit Shunde’s Flower World. It will spellbind you in more than one way. The place is a home to six hundred flower manufacturers. It also showcases various aspects of horticulture.