Székesfehérvár – Where the King Resided

Related imageThis city once has been home to the various kings and queens that have ruled over the country in the golden age. Right in the middle ages, the city held every major importance as most of the political and ruling decisions were made. The city is based on the trade routes of the country and holds a very firm ground. You will be able to find many old statues and museums and signs here that will rush you to the middle ages. The center of the city is most popular and filled with refurbished architectures

Bary Castle

This is the most famous attraction in the city and has been there for over 300 years. This is one of the two self-built castles this city hosts. The architecture gives away the feel of ancient and middle ages. Jeno Bory was responsible for this majestically beautiful castle. Being a professor, he took the help of his students to build this castle. The castle has dark shades rugged architectures inside and they look sublime once in the night the lights are turned on. The entry to the castle is not charged, but if you’re trying to take a night tour it is best to take a heads up with the bookers because the night slots get filled very soon. Bary castle is located in the middle of the city and has been the city’s most popular attraction for several years now. It is a must visit.

Soviet Ghost Town

Anything that gets associated with the ghost or horror stories around us tends to become really famous, so goes for this site. The ghost town was once a military base and was used as an undercover land for many military assignments. It didn’t take much time for the town to start getting abandoned, and as the history and locals tell, a bombing attack killed several militants even before they could react and people believe that their ghosts roam around here. What once looked like a strong showcase for the city now looks like a post-apocalyptic abandoned site.