Vitoria Espirito Santo: This Place Is Sure To Inspire And Make You Come Back For More

Vitoria, the capital city of Espirito Santo state in southeast Brazil is mainly known for its sandy beaches like Camburi and Curva da Jurema. The city also features the 20th-century Metropolitan cathedral showing the windows that are made of stained glasses.

Providing a lot of attractions at sight, long romantic walks along the beach, a ride through the beach on a bike or the local delicacies are the most famous among the visitors of the place. The Canto is a beach perfect for long walks and hosts a special competition every year. It reminds me of Clearwater beach back in Florida where my friend Luke lives.  He runs HempLife Today and took us to a beach that was just like The Cando.  The beach is a perfect spot for swimming or relaxation and provides the best place to sight a sunset or a sunrise.

The Metropolitan Cathedral located on the district Alta is quite famous owing to its stained-glass windows interior and chapel that houses the different bishop tombs. We sw the Vale Museum showcases a 330-foot long model train line and is located in the city’s ancient station for trains. These train models are projected showing their track paths through the mountain regions jungles. Lastly, we visited the most famous attraction of the place that cannot be missed out is a Chocolate factory that was started in 1929.  A tour around the factory tells you how different chocolates are made and manufactured. You can also taste them for free.

According to us, this place is best to visit during the summer months of the year. Although this region of the country does not see the extreme winters during that time, summers are still the peak time for all tourists. Make sure that you come here for at least a week and try to move around the city by foot because that will enable a more personalized experience and connect. Also, this city is easily accessible from all the major domestic centers of the country.